Withdrawing Loto188 only takes 1 minute of operation

Perhaps the withdrawal of Loto188 players will use quite often. Here, you can be completely assured with the automatic withdrawal application, all the player’s actions are handled extremely quickly. Along with VaoLoto188.com learn how to do it in detail.

Withdrawal regulations Loto188

Many players encounter a situation where the withdrawal request is denied due to insufficient betting turnover. In fact, this is the rule of most of the bookmakers operating in Asia as well as around the world.

For a simple example, players deposit 1000k into their account, they progress to bet 500k and win 2000k. So now the account has a total of 2500k.

At this point, the maximum amount a player can withdraw is only 500k, but if they wager another 500k, the total stake is equal to the deposit. They can withdraw all the funds in their account.

If you are new, you will probably be a little surprised. However believe me, this is the reasonable rule that the bookmakers are applying to ensure the fairness of the whole system. Once the Loto188 withdrawal condition is satisfied, you can do this anytime 24/7.

Withdrawal instructions at Loto188

If it’s your first time withdrawing money, you need to register an account to receive money first. Note that you can register and enter up to 5 receiving accounts, but these accounts must have the same ACCOUNT HOLDER.

Implementation steps: Log in your account -> go to the menu and select “Account” -> select “Bank account” -> click on the button “Register a bank account”

The Loto188 dealer takes about 6 hours to authenticate a bank account added to the receiving list. Once approved, withdrawal only takes a maximum of 5 – 10 minutes.

Step 1: proceed to make withdrawal order Loto188

Visit the “Withdrawal” area to start the process

Step 2: fill in the information and complete

Select the receiving bank from the list available, enter the withdrawal amount and enter the payment password. When you are sure the player information, just press confirm to complete the withdrawal of Loto188. The system will automatically browse and transfer, the process is completed in 10 minutes.


  • Banks with quick support include: ACB, Techcombank, Vietcombank, Dong A Bank, Sacombank, Vietinbank, Eximbank
  • Should use the main bank account to avoid disputes in the long term.
  • Enter multiple bank accounts to facilitate large withdrawals and large transactions.
  • If you have a withdrawal error, you can check it in the “Message” or “Look up transactions”. Please contact support if the error is not on your side for fastest assistance.
  • Players can make withdrawals at Loto188.com at any time of the day.
  • Finally, note that all problems encountered during joining Loto188 have a 24-hour support department ready to answer, see the contact information of Loto188.

Read more information here: https://vaoloto188.com/rut-tien-loto188/

You can completely withdraw Loto188 money easily by manipulating the App Loto188, if you have never used it you can try now.