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APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) a process by which new products are guided through the planning, design, feasibility, quality requirement, stage from concept to production.

Not long ago Chrysler Corporation LLC, Ford, and General Motors all had their own formats and requirements for the APQP process. This placed additional burdens on suppliers especially those supplying products to all three OEM’s.

AIAG is a nonprofit organization focused on standardizing requirements and submission formats to all three OEM’s. To learn more about the AIAG Organization visit their Web site by clicking the link AIAG.


Elements Within The APQP Process


(Production Part Approval Process) is one element of the APQP process. This element addresses the information necessary to submit to automotive customers for product approval. There are 18 elements within the PPAP package, all 18 elements must be completed or addressed prior to Product Approval Submission. There may be some elements that won’t apply depending on your submission requirements and what product you are submitting. Key elements within the PPAP package are:


Design Record
Control Plan
SPC Data
Process Flow Diagram
Initial Process Studies
Dimensional Results Layout.


For a complete list of requirements and explanation of the requirements under PPAP (Fourth Edition) visit the AIAG Web, Click  Here.